International Blue Flag users survey now open

(01 Jul 2013)

International Blue Flag users survey now open. The survey will gather important data to establish the benefits of the world’s biggest eco label.

The first comprehensive Blue Flag international beach and marina users’ survey, created by national operators, will gather important data to establish the benefits of the world’s biggest eco label.
Sophie Bachet Granados, the International Blue Flag Programme Director, said: “This is very exciting as it is the first international public survey that the programme has ever conducted. We are looking forward to huge participation in order for us to plan the programme's future and direction. The national operators are also very eager to learn more about the users’ needs.”
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The international survey has been created by a working party consisting of the national operators from Canada, Denmark and Ireland. It covers demographic data, questions users' behaviour, and will give an overview of the economic statistics of the programme’s value to local businesses.
Brett Tryon, Canadian national operator, said: “This survey will help us to gauge people’s awareness of the Blue Flag programme in Canada, as well as provide information on the benefits of Blue Flag to tourism.”
Brian Samuelsson from Denmark, added: “It will give us information about users' behaviour and opinions, whether the Blue Flag label is important to them, where they stay and what they enjoy doing on the beach or at the marina, and also what information they need on the information board.”
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Samuelsson stressed the importance of the survey for the national operators, as well as beach and marina managers of the 3850 sites around the world which have been awarded the Blue Flag. 

As an example, he said: “It is very costly for municipalities to publish the water sampling results on the beach information board regularly, especially on remote sites. The survey will tell us if the public checks the bathing water quality when they get to the beach, or if they do it in advance of going.”
The survey will also provide the statistics about users' expectations. Michelle O'Sullivan, the national operator in Ireland, explained: “We hope that this survey will better inform us on the opinions of our beach and marina users. We strive to ensure that the appropriate services and information are provided at all of our beaches/marinas.”
She added: “This survey has the potential to be instrumental in helping us to make future improvements where needed and also to guide us in our future approach.”

The survey, in English and 24 other languages, opened for users on 17 June and will be closed on August 31. All versions are available online, and we thank you for taking a few minutes to answer!

To complete the beach users survey click here.

To complete the marina users survey click here.



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